Estrin-Hinds’ focus on delivering beautiful, high-quality homes and commercial spaces over 25 years has resulted in longstanding, inspiring relationships. Enjoy some of the glowing comments of our delighted friends and partners.

Estrin-Hinds Construction is a great partner in any size construction project. We first chose them to do a major renovation on our current Malibu home and the end product exceeded our expectations in every way. The E-H people are wonderful and Eric is “hands-on” and always accessible. They honor all their commitments and work very effectively with other members of the team including designers and architects. Communications with clients are always clear, timely and concise. The best recommendation is repeat business and we just had E-H perform another major renovation on our new house.

James Kahan
Estrin-Hinds was the best thing that happened to our project. They were incredibly fast, very professional and a genuine pleasure to work with. The project supervisor treated the building of our home like it was his own. We live in extremely close proximity to our neighbors and construction could have been a nightmare with neighbor relations. Instead, the supervisor befriended the neighbors and they even regularly ask about him! I give Estrin-Hinds my highest recommendation!

Zack Freedman
Zack Freedman Landscape Architecture
Estrin Hinds was an extremely reliable partner in completing a commercial townhouse project with me several years ago. All their work is of the highest quality and most importantly they offered many value-engineering suggestions that either reduced cost or improved quality. Eric and Serena were the core of my client service team. Eric directed my project with the highest level of diligence and efficiency. Serena provided the support and professional backup throughout the more-than-two-year process. A job well done by both—it always exceeded my highest level of expectations and would gladly work with the team again!

Dan Love
Perranporth Corporation
I think I most appreciated Eric's eye to detail in a home that was extremely out of the norm, and extremely important to me. It featured sliding steel doors, a built-in exterior spa, wood beams and steel beams, all put together in an exceptionally tight space—the canals in Venice. Not an easy task. For a decade after the project ended, Eric was there to tweak things and speak to me about the house, whatever the issue. When I have had further projects done at the house, I called Eric. Is there a greater endorsement?

James Gartner
I have worked with Eric and the staff at Estrin-Hinds on two large projects (one residential, one commercial). I have been highly impressed by their professionalism, attention to detail, after-work service and transparency in all important aspects of the projects. I have no hesitation in recommending Estrin-Hinds for your project and construction needs.

Peter P.
Phase Two Space, Los Angeles
I have used Estrin-Hinds for both residential and commercial projects and I couldn’t be happier with the way they communicated, conducted business, paid attention to detail and got the job done. They are truly a win/win company. All in all, the experience was far superior to what I have had with any other contractor. Eric and his team continually give the best, both in a professional and creative ways, and I look forward to working with them on my next project.

Bob G.
Our building experience with Estrin-Hinds was exceptional and stress-free. Every detail was thought out and discussed with us in our weekly meetings, and the organization of the entire process lessened the anxieties that usually come with building a new home. Eric was a pleasure to work with and was extremely knowledgeable. He was also respectful and open-minded as our own opinions and ideas were welcomed. The crew were extremely diligent and efficient, and we finished the project in the time period that was originally planned. Most importantly, the quality of the work was outstanding. We have been living in the house for five years and have not had to fix anything yet. We would recommend Estrin-Hinds to anyone looking for a great building experience!

Sara Sternberg