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to Build Something Beautiful

The driving philosophy behind Estrin-Hinds Construction is it takes a village to build beautiful things—whether they’re homes, offices, medical centers, or relationships.

Our focus on partnerships and community has made our company a respected name in the construction business for 28 years.

Estrin-Hinds’ core values are:

Integrity, honesty and humility, above all else: We tell the truth and do the right thing, always.
Tenacity and hard work: We dig in deeply into our projects; are committed to schedules and solutions; and never give up.
Quality, beauty and expertise: We build quality and beauty in every detail of our projects and offer advice based on deep experience.

We take pride in our knowledgeable and committed building professionals and operations team. Additionally, we take care to cultivate long-standing partnerships with clients; architecture and design teams; specialization engineers and craftsmen; and first-class suppliers. Estrin-Hinds ensures reliability, efficiency, and detailed cost assessments for projects of any size and scope. You can count on us to give you candid advice based on extensive experience.

Estrin-Hinds’ projects include multimillion-dollar custom homes; complex hotel renovations; and state-of-the-art outpatient surgery centers, medical offices, and post-production facilities. We are driven to do more than just deliver a beautiful, high-quality home or commercial space—we are singularly focused on delighting you with the experience of being part of the village. Let’s build something beautiful together.

Our Expertise