Today, with sorrow, we share news of the passing of Ron Estrin, co-founder of Estrin-Hinds Construction and a pillar of excellence in the California construction industry.

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Ron fell in love with building at an early age and dedicated his life to creating cherished homes and communities enjoyed by generations of families, as well as business spaces that helped define modern relevance and the lasting beauty of the region’s architectural expressions. 

Ron left behind an enterprise that felt like family to all who worked for him and his long-standing partner and co-founder, Eric Hinds. 

Through his mentorship, Ron gave so many a chance to grow, test their skills and achieve their own dreams. By fostering a workplace of personal and professional growth, Ron created a company that produced more than amazing buildings — it has established an ongoing legacy of integrity and quality.

Ron Estrin, loving husband, father, grandfather, brother, cousin, boss and friend. We will miss his nurturing leadership, humor, daily inspiration and passion for his art and life’s work.  And we thank you, our customers, partners and contributors to the Estrin-Hinds enterprise. May we all endeavor to live life as fully and passionately as Ron.