Building Beautiful: West Hills

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Our mission is to “build something beautiful,” and this week’s spotlight home is the perfect example of the beauty we create. A two-story addition and remodel project located in West Hills, the most impressive element to this home is the use of cedar and teakwood. Cedar is used on the siding and, although an expensive material, comes with many benefits. This wood is dense yet lightweight, making it ideal for construction and is naturally rot-resistant. Its tight, straight grain with few knots, gives the project a sleek finish and a look that will last a lifetime thanks to cedar’s ability to resist expansion and cracking. Beauty continues inside the home where teakwood was used to create the handrails. With many similar characteristics as cedar, teakwood is known to be resistant to many harmful agents including moisture, light, heat, and pests, contributing to its durability. Moving farther into the house, beauty takes on a different element in the shape of a mosaic floral tile in the Master bath, kissed with gentle light to complete the feeling of luxury. They say beauty doesn’t last forever, but we are confident that this home will defy the odds.